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Cloud Native Development

Cloud Native Development

"Better Operations, Better Productivity, Better Business."

Elevate your business to new heights with Aakash's expertise in cloud-native development. Our approach, centered on microservices architecture, containers, and DevOps practices, ensures agility and speed in application development. With a focus on scalability, resilience, and Infrastructure as Code, our cloud-native solutions drive cost efficiency, innovation, and a competitive edge. Embrace a transformative journey where your applications are not just cloud-ready but optimized for unparalleled performance. Aakash's team is your strategic partner, guiding you through the cloud-native landscape, unlocking agility, and positioning your business for sustained success in the digital era.

Transforming businesses through cloud development

Embrace the future of software development with our cloud-native development services. We specialize in harnessing the full potential of cloud technology to build scalable, resilient, and agile applications that drive your business forward.

Strategic Cloud Adoption

We work closely with you to develop a cloud adoption strategy tailored to your unique needs and goals. Whether you're migrating to the cloud or starting anew, our experts ensure a seamless transition.

Microservices Architecture

Leverage the power of microservices to break down complex applications into smaller, manageable components. This approach enhances flexibility, scalability, and fault tolerance.

Containerization and Orchestration

We employ containerization technologies like Docker and orchestration tools like Kubernetes to streamline application deployment, scaling, and management, ensuring optimal resource utilization.

Serverless Computing

Maximize efficiency and cost savings with serverless computing. Our cloud-native solutions utilize serverless platforms like AWS and Azure for event-driven, highly scalable applications.

Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD)

Leveraging our cloud native development expertise, we conduct thorough cloud cost audits for clients, ensuring maximal value extraction from their cloud investments.

Cloud-Native Security

Security is preeminent in the cloud-native landscape. We implement robust security practices, including identity management, encryption, and security compliance, to protect your applications and data.

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

Elevate your organization's scalability and efficiency with Aakash's Cloud Migration Services. Tailored for organizations poised for growth, our strategic approach ensures a seamless transition of your legacy tools and applications to the cloud. Experience the transformative power of enhanced performance, cost optimization, and exceptional scalability, positioning your operations for strategic growth. Aakash is your dedicated partner in navigating the complex terrain of cloud migration, offering a roadmap that not only preserves your brand value but propels it into a future-ready, dynamic digital landscape. Take the leap with Aakash and embark on a journey where seamless cloud migration becomes a cornerstone of your organization's evolution.

“Shift gears in progressing your business reach”

Get your Cloud computing needs done right.

Unlock the potential of the cloud with our comprehensive cloud migration services. We specialize in seamless, secure, and efficient transitions to cloud environments, enabling your business to thrive in the digital age. Discover how you can make the most of the Cloud by making the move today.

Cloud Strategy Assessment

We start by evaluating your existing IT landscape and business goals to create a tailored cloud migration strategy. Our experts help you choose the right cloud model – public, private, or hybrid – for your needs.

Data Migration

Safely transfer your data to the cloud with minimal downtime. We ensure data integrity, accessibility, and compliance during the migration process.  

Application Migration

Migrate your applications to the cloud for enhanced scalability and agility. Our team ensures that your applications run seamlessly in the new cloud environment.  

Infrastructure Optimization

We analyse your infrastructure to identify cost-saving opportunities in the cloud. Our optimization strategies help you minimize operational expenses while maximizing performance.

Security and Compliance

Protect your cloud assets with robust security measures. We implement industry best practices and compliance standards to safeguard your data and applications.

Performance Monitoring

Our continuous monitoring and optimization services ensure that your cloud environment operates efficiently, providing a reliable user experience.

Dev Ops Services

Dev Ops Services

"Delivering excellence. Unceasingly."

From continuous integration and deployment to collaborative culture development, our comprehensive suite accelerates your time-to-market, enhances team collaboration, and ensures top-tier software quality. Aakash goes beyond automation, fostering a culture of efficiency and continuous improvement. Embrace our DevOps expertise for a competitive edge, benefiting from accelerated releases, heightened efficiency, and optimized costs. Let Aakash be your strategic partner in navigating the dynamic software development landscape, where DevOps is more than a service—it's a key driver for sustainable success.

Streamline delivery with quicker, stable and robust deployments.

Accelerate your software delivery and streamline operations with our DevOps services. We blend development and operations seamlessly to create a high-velocity, quality-driven IT environment.

Assessment and Strategy

We assess your existing processes and infrastructure to develop a tailored DevOps strategy. Our experts help you identify bottlenecks, streamline workflows, and implement best practices.

Continuous Integration (CI)

Automate the integration of code changes into a shared repository. Our CI pipelines ensure that code is tested and validated consistently, reducing integration issues.

Continuous Delivery (CD)

Enable automated and reliable application deployments. With CD pipelines, we automate the release process, making it faster and error-free.

Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC)

Manage infrastructure through code, enhancing scalability and reducing manual configuration. We implement IaaC to provision, configure, and manage infrastructure efficiently.

Containerization and Orchestration

Leverage container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes for consistent application deployment across environments, increasing scalability and portability.  

Monitoring and Logging

Implement comprehensive monitoring and logging solutions for real-time insights into your application's performance. We use data-driven insights to proactively address issues.

Security Integration

Embed security into every stage of the development process. We focus on security practices, vulnerability assessments, and compliance to protect your applications and data.  

Collaborative Culture

Foster a culture of collaboration between development and operations teams. Our approach emphasizes communication, knowledge sharing, and collaboration to break down silos.

Dev Ops Services

Experience the benefits of cloud and devops by partnering with us to optimize your cloud infrastructure and delivery processes. Drop us a message below and we will get in touch with you.

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Excellent team of developers. They understand the business requirements very well and have delivered solutions in a timely manner.

- Justin, CTO
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Team at Aakash is great. There was continuous update and collaboration on all the development activities, and they also ensured that the results are meeting our expectation as they progressed. Wonderful experience working with such a knowledgeable team.

- William, CEO
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We chose Aakash for their reputation in delivering innovative solutions, and they did not disappoint. The software they developed for us not only met our current needs but also incorporated forward-thinking features that have positioned us well for future growth. Their commitment to staying at the forefront of technology sets them apart.

- Cathrine, Sr. Project Manager

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