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Helping customers set and achieve new milestones.

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We have evolved alongside our customers, adapting to their changing needs, opportunities, and challenges while contributing to their growth and success. We constantly strive to achieve enhanced robustness, performance, and efficiency by consistently updating our skillsets and adopting new technologies early on. We believe that through the fusion of our technological expertise and your domain knowledge, we can build solutions that create a lasting impact on your customers. Our industry-leading solutions stand as a testament to this belief.

Additionally, we strive to be partners of choice, not just vendors. We invest in building collaborative and transparent relationships, allowing you to focus on your core business and strategies while we support you with innovative solutions. Our commitment to embracing new technologies and our proven track record of delivering excellence will help you set and achieve new milestones.

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Our Team

Good people, with good intentions and great skills, can do wonders for themselves and for people around them. We are live witnesses to this belief and have practiced it for long with no compromise. We stick to a stringent vetting process while extending our work-family. So you have peace and assurance in the fact that your business is being taken care of by seasoned and skilled hands.

Aakash Infosoft
Aakash Infosoft
Aakash Infosoft
Aakash Infosoft
Aakash Infosoft
Aakash Infosoft
Our Premise

Your trusted development partner

Aakash was founded with a simple premise – customers value a partner who understands business as much as technology and is responsive to their needs. We have stayed true to that premise since our inception.

Our core Values

Work values holding us together

There are a few things we like to keep constant – no matter how much our tech-landscape changes, no matter how much your business changes – the VALUES that drive us every day.

Best practices, under all circumstances, given all budget sizes.
Ideas with Impact. We innovate for solutions that make a difference.
Uncompromising quality. We obsess over consistently delivering excellence.
Partners, not just vendors. We succeed when you succeed.
Your team, extended. We work alongside you, not just for you.
Continuous Learning
Continuous Learning
Always innovating, always improving. Always learning.

Voices from our team

It’s really been a great honour working for Aakash for over 8 plus years. I can honestly say that joining Aakash is one of the best decisions of my life. We are not told what to do; instead, it is “What should we be doing?”

-Jaimik, Team Lead

Our leaders have provided clear direction and unwavering support. Their commitment to encouraging a positive work culture and investing in professional development has empowered the core team to excel. Grateful to be part of this company that values its people.

-Prashant, Product Owner

Joining Aakash has been instrumental in my professional growth. The core team is composed of industry experts who are not only skilled but also generous with their knowledge. The continuous learning opportunities and mentorship have been invaluable to my career development.

-Hitesh, Sr Software Developer