Assist us in building better products & solutions that help businesses reach their true potential

Our strength is our people. Technological skills are an asset that we use to support this strength. We believe that the better and more fulfilled our workforce, the better our business ecosystem will evolve in the long run.

We hence, make it a point to rope in people, whose thoughts and beliefs identify with ours....and we strive towards creating a better future for everyone - ours', yours' and our customers'.

We Nurture Diversity

Be a part of a culture, that's designed to bring out the best of you

You might be at any stage of your professional stair flight, no matter which step you are at, we welcome you with the confidence that you will only excel and grow with us. We train, treat and appraise our people to show that we value them.

Stay touchy about details

Devil lies in details. Well we want folks who are touchy about it and pick the devil out

Kick comfort zones

We encourage our people to push boundaries and open their minds to change

Keep it positive

Mistakes happen. We learn our lessons from them and keep moving with positive attitude

Take leisure seriously

Certain small pleasures in life don't deserve to be discounted. We support our people enjoy such pleasures

Order less, discuss more

No one here is to boss around. There are folks who love their co-workers and value opinions

It’s really been a great honor working for Aakash for over 4 plus years. I can honestly say that joining Aakash is one of the best decisions of my life. We are not told what to do; instead it is “What should we be doing?”

Jaimik, Senior Software Developer


Aakash strives to encourage innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship by offering the right opportunities. We encourage, both, newbies and experienced minds to come forward and apply to diverse openings. Come, explore and grow with us and be the element of change in making this world better

Amazing Environment

You get to giggle, turn a critic, pull a joke and still give your best without fearing your boss.

Work Life Balance

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. No, we don't want dull people!

Better your skill sets

Continuous exposure to challenges and trainings to equip you for them.

Attractive Incentives

One of the reasons we all work for is money. Period. No beating around the bush. You get it if you deserve it.

Embark on the Path to
an Exciting Career

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